Indoor — outdoor shooting range equipment



Text Box: Atrish Technic Services Sdn Bhd has been servicing consultation, design and build-up various type of shooting target equipment for indoor and outdoor shooting range, engineering, scientific and laboratory equipment .




In our scientific and engineering department, design and fabricate unit of equipment are our main service. Base on customer requirement the fabricated apparatus will applied  to industry, laboratory, education even research purpose with or without control unit, or computerized control and data collection system such as Lab-View data equitation

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Our shooting  equipment very useful for shooting training program especially for police, security unit even shooting club. Our product also including for all discipline of sport shooting event such as retriever, turning, running, pop-up and moving target system with manual semi auto or fully automation.
Design and built-up shooting range, indoor or outdoor  are our extra services. For this matter our company have solution to build range and meet international regulation for shooting training facilities such as buffer, bullet trap, shooting stall, air circulation, safety requirement also monitoring and control system.